# Phase 5 – The Theses

(3 months prior to the election)

Use the topics and information of Phase 4, to conduct a workshop with your team and your group of voters. In this workshop, you will work out a number of theses.

  • Plan the workshop: what methods are you going to use? Teachers will be very helpful here!
  • What materials will you need? Whiteboards, Pens, Paper, etc.
  • How many theses do you need? Most election compasses gather around 50 to even 100 theses (for whole countries) at this stage.
  • It will take you a few hours at least. Take care of your guests with pauses, lunch, snacks and coffee.
  • Collect all theses in a list and don't forget to work on the wording.
    • Can the thesis be easily understood by everyone?
    • Might the wording be biased?
    • Does the wording match our style?
    • Is this a good length?