# Phase 10 – Observe

Everything is up and running? Good! The only thing left to do now, is get your election compass into as many hands as possible.

# After the election

Only a few things are left to do:

  • Gather your team and reflect! Write down what you learn.
    • Did you enjoy the project?
    • Do you think it was a success?
    • Would you do it again? And if so, what would you change?
  • Collect feedback from everyone else and write down what you learn.
    • What did the newspapers write?
    • Send a feedback form to the parties.
  • Archive the election compass. You can delete it of course, but if you can, just keep it online. It can still be a valuable resource of transparency.

# A last request: Please give back to this project!

The Open Election Compass is free to use and open source. At the moment, we are not looking for donations, though that might change in the future. You can always help us in simple ways:

  • Write a blog post for us: Tell others about it! For example: write a text about your personal experience and send it to us, so we can publish it here. If you can, attach photos.
  • Feedback: Did something not work as expected? This can be a technical problem or a recommendation in this guide. Please give us feedback!
  • Technical support: You happen to be a Web Developer yourself and want to get involved? Please do! There are many big and small things that can be improved with your help.