# Phase 10 – Observe

Everything is up and running? Good! The only thing left to do now, is get your election compass into as many hands as possible.

# After the election

Only a few things are left to do:

  • Gather your team and reflect! Write down what you learn.
    • Did you enjoy the project?
    • Do you think it was a success?
    • Would you do it again? And if so, what would you change?
  • Collect feedback from everyone else and write down what you learn.
    • What did the newspapers write?
    • Send a feedback form to the parties.
  • Archive the election compass. You can delete it of course, but if you can, just keep it online. It can still be a valuable resource of transparency.

# A last request: Please give back to this project!

The OpenElectionCompass is free to use and open source and there are many ways you can help our mission:

  • Write a blog post for us: Tell others about it! For example: write a text about your personal experience and send it to us so we can publish it here. If you can, attach photos.
  • Feedback: Did something not work as expected? This can be a technical problem or a recommendation in this guide. Please give us feedback (opens new window)!
  • Technical support: You happen to be a Web Developer yourself and want to get involved? Please do! There are many big and small things that can be improved with your help.
  • Financial support: We want the project to grow and this will require a continuous flow of money. While we try to keep everything cost-effective, you can always support us financially. Using the OpenCollective platform, you can make one-time or recurring donations – every amount is greatly appreciated. You can also see how we are spending your money. Donate now (opens new window)