# Rules


Be aware, that you are acting against the explicit intention and conviction of this project if you are not following the rules in this section. Violating these rules can damage the reputation of the project and is greatly discouraged. If you want an election compass but are unable to follow these rules, you can surely find a suitable institution that can.

  1. The supreme rule: Use the power of an election compass for the democracy – never against it. Provide real, educational value for your fellow citizens and not for a person, group or party alone.

  2. Don't provide an election compass if you're a single person. An election compass should always be run by an organisation to be reputable.

  3. Don't provide an election compass if you're biased. We all have our political opinions, but an election compass should never be an instrument for political campaigns. It has to be independent in any way (financially, politically, emotionally). If you are a political party, find an independent institution and ask them to run the election compass!

  4. Every party that participates in the election should get the fair chance to participate in the election compass as well.

  5. Treat everyone equally, professionally and with respect – every party or candidate. It goes without saying, that racism, sexism and facism have no place in a democratic project.