Tiny election compass, free and open source.

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This project is currently under heavy development. Version 1.0.0 will be released in Q3 2020 and will be the first to be production ready. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop.

Free & Open Source

As open and transparent as our democracies should be. Available for free under the GPL 3.0 license .

Easy to use

Both the election compass and the configuration were crafted to be as simple as possible.

Well crafted

Design, User Experience, Technical Implementation and Documentation are state of the art.


Provide the same election compass in multiple languages to engage a bigger audience.

Multiple algorithms

Choose your matching algorithm and answer style – three buttons or maybe five?


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Helpful Guides

Our technical and organisational guides will help you achieve the best results. Don't start from scratch.

Zero Coding

Made by developers, but not exclusively for developers. We have a nice editors for non-technical folks.

Single File Deployment

The simplest setup consists of a single HTML file. No PHP, Node.js or other required.

Responsive Design

Use it comfortably on any device and any screen – from smartphone to desktop computer.

Accessibility matters

Accessibility is not an afterthought. Designed with screen readers and keyboard navigation in mind.

Balanced Design

As little interface as possible, as much as needed and a little extra to make it fun.

Modern architecture

Built with technologies developers love – Vue.js, SASS, Nuxt.js, GitHub, Jest.

Kiosk Mode

Use the Kiosk mode to set up a terminal in a public place. Sessions will be destroyed automatically.

# Roadmap 🌱

This project is still evolving. Right now, we have the basic features needed, but there are many more ideas in the pipeline. Some are coming in the next months, some are still in planning. But one thing is certain – we're not done yet. Take a look:

Zero-Cookie Analytics

Let people donate their answers for scientific research and statistics.

Peer-to-Peer sessions

Invite your friends to a shared session, see their positions and start a discussion.

Wordpress plugin

A lightweight wrapper for Wordpress will make deployment even simpler for non-developers.

Nuxt.js plugin

Easily embed an election compass into your Nuxt.js website and make full use of SSR.

Marketing Templates

Save even more time with professionally designed marketing material, ready to go.


No deployment is simpler than no deployment. Use our hosted solution and focus on your content.

Save progress

The election compass will remember where you left and recover your last session.

Election Reminder

Get notified on election day, to make sure you won't forget to vote.

Dark Mode

The election compass won't hurt your eyes during witching hour.

Real Life Mode

Print your election compass and use it with a pen and some instructions how to calculate the results.