# Configuration Editor beta

This editor helps you generate and edit configuration files easily. All your input is persisted in your browser so you can pick up where you left at anytime – as long, as you don't clear your browser storage / history.

1. Languages

The first language will also be the default language if the browsers language doesn't match any other language.

English (en)
2. General information
The title of the election.
The subtitle, visible in the start section. Should, for example, mention the responsible organization.
Below the start section is a short introduction section that starts with a heading. Use about 3 to 5 welcoming words.
Provide a short introduction to your election compass. Don't add explanations on how it works, rather tell your audience, who you are and why you are doing this, how many parties participated, etc. About 2 - 5 sentences.
Select the algorithm and answer style you want for your parties and users. Go with the default if you like, or learn more about the available stiles here.
3. Parties

You haven't added any parties yet.

4. Theses

You haven't added any theses yet, but add some parties first!

5. Analysis
If you want to collect data for scientific research, you can activate this feature by providing an endpoint that will collect the datasets.
The name of your institution / university / research group.
Use this option to provide a follow-up questionnaire for user's that answered all other questions.
6. Links

You can display links in the footer and at the bottom of the navigation to link to your home page, privacy policy, about page etc.