# Phase 2 – Your Team

(4 months prior to the election)

Of course, you can not do this all on your own. To succeed, you need experts, advisors and supporters.

  • Start with a list of people you need. This might include:
    • a Marketing Specialist, managing your marketing channels (e.g. social media, email, etc.)
    • a Web Developer with technical skills to get the election compass online
    • a Media Designer
    • some political scientists for advice (e.g. teachers or students)
    • some social scientists for advice (e.g. teachers or students)
    • enthusiastic citizens / people with good connections to the administration, newspapers and other institutions
    • someone with great language skills (for wording and spelling)
  • Think of people that might fit into these positions and contact them.
  • Organize a kick-off meeting of your entire team to present your project, the plan, the structure and timeline.
  • Establish your organization tools and communication channels.
  • Get everyone to work, gather todos and assign them, set deadlines.