# Phase 3 – The Parties

(after building your team)

It is important, to get the parties attention. Normally, one party alone has no choice but to participate. You wouldn't want to be the only party missing! But if multiple parties are uninterested, you have a serious problem. You should not run an election compass with some parties missing (one or two small parties might be tolerable).

  • Select a date at least a part of your team is available (in about 2 - 3 weeks).
  • Find a suitable room with a projector.
  • Send out invitations to all parties participating in the election.
  • Ask for a meeting and give them a rough idea what you are planning (now the reputation of your institution plays it's part).
  • When meeting the parties, you can use the following agenda:
    1. Welcome everbody
    2. Present your idea
    3. Present your team
    4. Inform them about the timeline and what will happen next
    5. Listen to their feedback and take time to answer their questions
    6. (Hopefully) get their approval and support!
    7. Get some contact details
  • One day after the meeting, send them the most important information and thank them for participating.