# Phase 9 – Going public

(2 - 3 weeks prior to the election)

About a month before the election, you should publish your election compass.

  • When the election compass is online, tell everyone!
    • your team and participants from the workshop(s)
    • your own followers (you should post it first, so others can share your post easily)
    • the parties
    • the newspapers
    • the administration
    • your other partners
    • friends and family

# Tips

# The right moment

You might find 2 to 3 weeks prior to the election a bit short. But experience shows, that the number of users is about the same, no matter when the election compass is published. Also, political debate and topics can shift rather quickly, so an election compass should not be published too soon. Also, you should start marketing for you election compass way before it is published and tell the press as well as the parties in advance, so they are prepared for the launch as well.