# Phase 6 – The Positions

(after the workshop)

Now it is time to let the parties answer and position themselves.

  • First, decide on the algorithm you want to calculate the matches with. This will also determine, how many possible answers there will be. For example: the default cityblock algorithm uses three buttons: Approve, Neutral and Reject. The hybrid algorithm is more precise and uses five buttons. You can read more about the available algorithms in the Technical Guide > Algorithm.
  • Send the theses to every party. Until we have a tool to collect answers, use an online form!
  • Make sure to also collect the logos (see the Technical Guide).
  • Give the parties 2 - 3 weeks to answer, depending on your timeline.

In the meantime, prepare to publish the election compass.

  • Prepare your media assets, take and collect photos, etc.
  • You might want to prepare a stand on a public place or similar.
  • Contact media outlets and tell them about your story.
  • Contact the administration and ask them if they are willing to put a link on their website.
  • Contact schools, teachers, youth organizations and sport clubs and ask them if they are willing to share some graphics and a link with their followers.
  • You know someone who is a well-known member of society or has some other form of influence and followers? Get them involved, too.